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Biking in the Bosch

Meet Joanna Dobinson, a world renowned Mountain Biking Coach, and founder of Biking In The Bosch. She trains many world champions, sharpening their skills for international competition. She also coaches everyone from kids, teens, complete beginners to advanced men and ladies.

When she needed her new website, she came to a web designer who shared her passion with sports and the great outdoors.

Photography: David Papenfus


SDN Africa

Sustainable Development is the concept of using resources to meet the needs of humanity in the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. I got to know about the Sustainable Development Network through my volunteer photography work at One Heart events. We’ve worked well together, and it’s been a great partnership.

Stellenbosch Triathlon Squad

The Stellenbosch Triathlon Squad offers upto 17 coached training sessions a week comprising of swimming, cycling, running and strength & conditioning. They also offer personalised online coaching, one on one sessions and frequent training camps! Their goal is to help people reach their Triathlon or Fitness goals and have fun doing it!

Being an active member of the Stellenbosch Triathlon Squad, it was awesome to embrace their passions with my profession. I really enjoyed designing their new website.

Photography: David Papenfus
Branding: Just Design

JP Burger

Jean-Paul Burger (JP) is an International triathlete from Namibia. In April 2018, he represented his country at the Commonwealth Games in Australia. JP’s achievements boast victories at the 2013 Junior Biathle World Champs in Cyprus, and the 2014 African Youth Games in Botswana. His performance at the African Youth Games served as qualifier for the Youth Olympic Games in China.

Having trained alongside me at the Stellenbosch Triathlon Squad, JP knew he had the right person to manage his online presence.

Photography: David Papenfus

Joya Homes

Joya Homes aims to provide a safe, loving home with sustainable support to orphaned and abused children. Joya Homes want to ensure that every child in ‘our care’ has sufficient access to educational and therapeutic programmes to help them to become balanced adults with skills to approach life in a self-sufficient way.

It’s quite touching being involved with this project, making a difference to people’s lives.

Scoliosis Bracing

Over the years, our passion and interest for sport and conditions related to children has lead us to focus specifically on scoliosis, the incidence, the progression, treatment and management of the condition. Scoliosis Bracing uses Spinecor technology as non surgical treatment for scoliosis in children and adults.

Photography: Deposit Photos

Kudu Classic

The Kudu Classic is a two day stage trail run held in the beautiful Baviaans River on Eildon farm in the heart of the Eastern Cape. Amazing views, challenging trails, plenty of plains game and the best Eastern Cape hospitality will make this the perfect weekend getaway!

Working on this site just made me want to get out there and run! Well done Taryn and Jane for putting together such an awesome event.

Coming Soon - Migs Netto

Miguel is a great friend, and a passionate sportsman. His sole triathlon goal is to qualify for the Ironman World Champs in Kona, Hawaii.

I don’t know many people who are as driven as Miguel is. Being his photographer has been an absolute privilege, and now I’m excited to deliver his brand new website.

Coming Soon - A Vintage Affair - Cape Town

A Vintage Affair specialises in the hiring of exquisite vintage crockery, tea-sets, cutlery, tableware and more, all dating from the early 1800’s right up to the 1970’s

It been great getting to know Claire through this process, and we’re going to work well together.

Coming Soon - Stellenbosch Catering

Stellenbosch Catering specialises in smaller scale, full service, gourmet meals for you and your functions.

Over the years, I’ve got to know Andrew’s cooking very well, and those delicious flavours inspire me as I build each page…

Coming Soon - Shantelle Visser

Shantelle has been a friend for many years, and I’ve witnessed her grow into an amazing and passionate photographer.

When Shantelle felt the need for a new and refreshed website, she knew who exactly to talk to.

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